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The Book

Divine Sovereignty is an immersive piece like none other. The book dives into a fictional peek of the unseen realm of Earth, as well as the atmosphere of Heaven. It brings a Supernatural world to life in ways that you can’t begin to imagine. The storyline follows the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Earth, while also showcasing angels, beings, and demonic powers in their prospective domains.


Get ready to be shook to your core as you rehash a monumental Biblical and historical event from an alternative perspective!

The Stage Play

Divine Sovereignty: The Play is currently not casting. Created 2 Create LLC is focusing on releasing the book version of this play first! Please consider buying a copy of the book after the launch! On the other hand, please feel free to view our expired listing below. Also, feel free to fill out the participants form so that we have your contact info. on hand. We will contact you when we begin casting for the stage play.

Read an excerpt from Divine Sovereignty: The Original Production...


*Immediately following*

*Michael and Satan outside of the Throne Room*

*Other angels watching, murmuring, and discussing to themselves*




“Michael, Michael, Michael, wait, slow down. *negotiatory* Must I petition to you again? Join forces with me. Submit to me, brother, and I will promise you power. I am doing good things. Do not let Him fool you, Michael. I can show you your worth *smiles very Cheshire cat-like.*



“Shut up, Satan. Must I tell you again? My allegiance lies with My Heavenly King. I live for Him and because of Him!”




*Delusional, he shakes his head in complete disbelief*

“You coward. Don’t you see. I will rule. My plan has been put into fruition. I am sure you are aware of what goes on now? The condition your Savior lies in? I am sure you must be preparing your army specifically for this battle. Well, I'll tell you: I will win. Bring on your battle. Bring your weapons. Bring your army. I will be victorious—”




"Spare me, oh Dragon. There is no need for my warriors to prepare for this; we train leisurely. You do not intimidate us, Satan. Nor, do you pose any threat against the Armies of Heaven.


*Enraged, begins to speak*

“You —”


*Enters with a whoosh* 

“You’ve requested my services, Commander?” 

*Bows head slightly and stands at attention.*





“Yes, Raphael. Take Lucifer back to Earth. When you finish, come and see me.” 

*Walks away*


“Yes, Commander” 

*Binds Satan in Heavenly shackles* 

*The Heavenly Gate closes behind them with a loud bang*



“This won’t be the last of I. You will see. You all will see.”

End Scene

To Be Continued...

Divine Sovereignty: The Play

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